I just burned a set of reviews for the first time. I'm very happy!

Literally just bragging here, not even humbly. I’ve been on WaniKani since February, and for some reason I was never able to burn an item until now. I’m just so happy it finally happened! Progress!


Congrats! 頑張って

Word up, just burned a few things last week for the first time as well.

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still no burns here :sweat:

Good for you, man!


Wow… speed racer here huh?

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You do know that it always takes at least six months to burn an item, right?

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not that much actually

I’ll only start burning items in the lvl 21 :roll_eyes: Until then I must suffer…

My first burns were also at level 5! Although I think my level duration graph will explain why…


I also just burned my first few radicals yesterday :smiley:

I started burning things this week it feel so good!!! :fire::fire::fire:

Holy shit! How did you clear the levels so fast?
Here’s how my progress looks:

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Everyone learns and retains things at a different pace, and it’s generally a bad idea to cram more than you can comfortably retain.

That being said, you can unlock all the new radicals on the day you level up, clear out the new kanji (and vocab) over the next three, get the final wave of kanji for the level on the fourth day, and level up again three days after that. I’ve been consistently leveling in eight days +/- a couple of hours, though I intend to slow down to nine starting tomorrow.

Still no burns here (end of level 20). Should be starting to see them very soon, however.

That’s an amazing rhythm!

Have you had any issues retaining the information?

Not really. The occasional item will fall from Master back down to Guru, and some things with weird readings take a couple of days to stick. My memory’s generally pretty good, though, so I can often see or hear something once or twice and remember it months later, but only if I actually experienced it.

Learning pace and methodology is a very individual thing; finding a style that works for you, and doesn’t run a high risk of burnout, is way more important than comparing yourself to others: it doesn’t matter who gets to the end first, since we’ll all have the same knowledge if we keep at it.

I got my first burn earlier this week! I’m so excited. I’m up to almost 40 now! I get so excited when I add a new one. But I think I dropped one I should’ve been able to burn earlier… I guess there’s not much I can do lol.

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I absolutely can’t wait until I get my first burn! Probably won’t be for almost 2 months still, though.

The fastest time you can complete most levels in is around 6 days, but that’s if you’re doing reviews as soon as they come up, and you aren’t getting anything wrong. I already know most of the kanji and vocab at these levels anyway, so for me it’s pretty easy to blast through. Still though, I definitely haven’t been very fast since work kept getting in the way. My goal is to average around 8 days per level.