First set of Enlightened

How did it feel when you got your first numbers in Enlightened?

After studying 47 hours plus of Japanese on a whole last month, I have been really sick this month and spent weeks in Level 3. I just got to level 4 a few days ago and attained my first Enlightened radicals and I’m so proud!!

Can’t imagine how the just burned people feels :smiley_cat:


Don’t remember enlightened, but it felt pretty amazing to get first burns. :fire:


Congrats! That means you remembered those items even after a month without a review.

It does feel good to see progress, but remember that when you do start seeing those enlightened items again you’ll probably only burn a fraction of them (it’s hard to remember things after not seeing them for four months!).

Once you do start burning items, it quickly becomes a little ho hum (you should eventually be burning items almost every day).

What you should be even more proud of is streaks of continuous reviews.

See if you can go the until you see these enlightened items again without missing any review days. 4+ months of continuous daily reviews is something to really take pride in!


i Am In Level 6 And Havent reached enlightended yet.
Is It About How Much Time A Person Spents

No, I think it’s all about your attitude. It takes many months of sustained effort to begin to learn to read Japanese no matter what. It’s impossible to do that if you beat yourself up or try to meet goals that don’t work for you.

My advice is to celebrate your successes (you’ve made it to level 6 without giving up — many don’t!). Enlightened and burns will come, it just takes at least six months or so.

Just find a pace and a process that works for you to keep yourself motivated. Getting to level 6, level 42, or even level 60 is meaningless in the real world. What matters in the real world is being able to communicate with others.

I think I saw in another thread that you were only 14. I also started learning Japanese at the same age. It’s a slow process, but Wanikani makes it so much easier! I envy your experience - I wish it had been around in the seventies when I started!


Thx For The Advice .
It’s Just That I Am Always Afraid That I Might Lose Motivation.
I Am just A kid and I’m afraid that i might Not have the composure or the capability of Adults Like You.
This Is The Reason Why I always Set High Goals For My Self, So I Don’t Feel Like I’m Lacking In Fields Or Going Too Slow Compared To Others.
When I See People Who Gets Demotivated In Wanikani Fast I Get Afraid . What If That’s Me.
But When I See Adults like You Reach Anything About level 10 I Feel Motivated.
Because Adults Have Perseverance . That’s Why I aim To Be Like You Guys.
And I Feel like I Should Be Hard On Myself As Much As I Can If I want to achieve Something .

Sorry For The Rant But Thanks Again For The Advice


It was okay :slight_smile: . Getting first Burns is more fun.

Hah! Many years ago, I had a friend who once told me, “Persistence is the rarest human virtue.”

It’s stuck with me ever since. It’s very true but it makes it all the more impressive when people do persevere.

I’ve never been to Kerala, but I suspect you already speak more than one language and are well on your way to learning another that couldn’t be more different. Seems pretty impressive to me!

Just do your reviews every day and lessons at a pace that works for you. That’s really all it takes. It’s not easy, but neither is it really that hard: it just takes perseverance!


In addition, not all WK users are adults. You never know who is and who isn’t. Don’t let your age discourage you. If you’re not, you have lots of time to take advantage of. :wink:

P.S. In addition to our age, we can also hide our level on the forums too; I’m actually level 29 right now but it shows up as 23 unless you click the link in this post or in my profile. I see you’re (unintentionally?) doing it too, as you’re actually level 6 but I see level 5 on the forums.

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I Dint Know There Was An Option For That

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