Reviews: do you type or touch? [Poll]

As someone who 100% prefers bashing out my answers on a keyboard, it always interests me when I see comments from people who only ever use a smartphone for WK. So, which are you?

  • Keyboard
  • Touchscreen

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Edit: people have asked for a ‘both’ option, but I’m interested in people’s preference when it’s either one or the other :smile:


I wouldn’t have finished WK at all if it wasn’t for Tsurukame. It’s so much easier to do reviews when I don’t have to break out my laptop. I don’t think I used the website at all after level 5 or so.


I do it both ways, so I’m not sure what to select. I do prefer typing, only because my phone’s touch sensitivity sucks and I need to refresh the display every five minutes or so.


Keyboard. I hate typing on a keyboard I can’t feel.


what i like about using my phone is i get to use the snazzy japanese keyboard but the thing is i use tsurukame and it’s so good, like it was made for wanikani. i always try and do my reviews as soon as possible so i don’t get overwhelmed with 100 reviews waiting for me. i use wanikani at school (obviously not on my phone) during break and lunch but recently i’ve been becoming more and more lazy and just thinking i’ll do it after school. i did that today and i wasn’t that shocked to see 52 items needing reviewing. i look at my forecast and they come at the most inefficient times. the reason i had a bunch is because lots of items were waiting to be enlightened. during lessons even i do my reviews and hit that ‘Wrap up’ button as soon as i start my reviews so i can finish 10 before any teacher sees me. whew that was long! :sweat_smile:

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What you have to do is take advantage of Tsurukame’s offline reviews as a “Time-Turner function”
wink wink

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that’s cheating though, and why would i cheat if it’s not school.

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Well, both, so I can’t answer the poll :sweat_smile: I went full speed, so I used whatever was available when I had to do reviews.
I do like using a keyboard better though.


I use both, just depends if I’m at the PC or on my phone. Since finishing lessons, more often than not, I’m on my phone because my review amount has gone down so much that I only have to do it once a day now, and the most convenient time is on my lunch break at work. Haha. If I had to pick a preference, I definitely prefer the tactile feel of an actual keyboard to touchscreen, though. I don’t make as many typos on an actual keyboard.


I much prefer keyboard, but also use an outdated iPhone app called “AlliCrab” occasionally. I honestly prolly do at least a little of both each day.

Both…that should be on the pole…lol

That’s interesting, cause I’m the exact opposite. I have Tsurukame, but I despise using it. I’m only willing to use it for an upcoming four-day trip to keep my streak alive, and I’m actually dreading doing my reviews on phone.

And the reason why I prefer using a laptop is simple: It’s sooo much faster. I already spend a lot of time on Wanikani daily, and I couldn’t imagine how much more it would be having to use a phone instead. And on mobile I’m far more prone to typos.

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Oh, for sure. I type 120wpm usually and I can knock out reviews pretty fast on the website.

But I find that the speed of input is more than offset by the convenience of always having my phone on me.

I did 3 sessions per day and having my phone meant that whenever I could get a 20m break between 8am and 10am I could just do my reviews and lessons. The same for my midday and evening sessions. It made sticking with 3/day sessions much more doable since I didn’t have to be at my computer to do them.

That’s why Tsurukame is good. The double check feature is crucial for mobile.

But if that’s not an issue, then, yes, I agree that the experience is much better with a physical keyboard. :slight_smile:

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anki mode only, either on pc or flaming durtles.


I usually do them on my phone because it’s more convenient, but I prefer using my laptop if it’s nearby or already open because typing on a keyboard is so much faster.

Those WaniKani times, UserScript didn’t work well on mobile, so I used a laptop (and WaniKani made me a laptop addict, bringing laptop everywhere). Also, typing on laptop is very fast to do, Ignoring is just a matter of ESC key. Reviewing, when there are so many items, wasn’t necessary fast, though; as there are too many items - Reordering helps, and I don’t necessarily do it all at once. (Though, I also use Anki (on mobile) as an adjunct, but Anki didn’t really pace me.)

More recently, I tried Kitsun; but my mobile use SwiftKey Keyboard (for English), so it unnessary suggest and remember Romaji… (and then I didn’t get used to Kitsun at all)

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Razer BlackWidow Japanese-layout mechanical keyboard. There’s just something satisfying about clacking away at it and typing out my review answers.

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I use my keyboard/computer for the Lessons.
I like to use touch/phone for the reviews with Tsurukame due to its very lenient cheat feature.

However, I don’t like to use the feature, but it is nice when I accidentally type 気お付けて instead of 気を付けて。Like it’s obvious I know the answer, I even say all of them out loud. I just hate losing to the SRS system due to a mis-tap/dropped input, rather than via forgetting/misremembering the actual answer.

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I prefer keyboard because I’m better at typing faster on a physical keyboard and also, I have more typos on touchscreens because my hands are too big

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Same here. Tsurukame is what makes WK viable for me.

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