Reviews: do you type or touch? [Poll]

Definitely keyboard, but I do most of my reviews on mobile because I do them while commuting. When I’m really in the zone I’m almost as fast as keyboard but it still just doesn’t compare. Having more fingers always outspeeds my thumbs

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I thought this was the poll thread and started searching for the original.

I prefer typing, but I do most of my reviews on my phone with flaming durtles, because I mostly do them while travelling

@Atahan Nah, it was intended for OP who had made a thread about that. The reason would be doing reviews intended for 9:00pm at 8:00pm because you have to go to bed to get up early the next day

I so much prefer typing on a keyboard. Faster and more accurate.

I love doing WK while I’m outside on a walk though. I use the Flaming Durtles android app, and bring a small bluetooth keyboard with me if I have more than ~30 reviews to do

I use a touchscreen, but it’s an iPad, not a phone. I find I make too many errors on the phone. I’d say I use the iPad for 99% of my reviews and Japanese study.

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definitely keyboard

big issue for me is screensize, i don’t like staring at a tiny screen which i have to almost smush my face into in order to see anything. also, my typing speed is much better on keyboard than phone

I know you want us to choose a preference, but I prefer each differently. I use both every day. Keyboard is easier to get a bunch done quickly, but without the ability to do reviews on my phone when I’m out and about or just can’t reach my computer in general I’d be very frustrated.
Also, on phone I can use voice-to-type for the translations, and the Jakeipuu app has readings that are ranked based on the percentage of words you’ve learned for practice.
Again, I know you said you want a preference, but I won’t give one because my preference really is both, together, because without one or the other I would be sorely inconvenienced. :slight_smile:

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oh so you don’t have a chunk of reviews when you wake up

I don’t actually do this, but you could still have reviews when you woke up doing that (e.g. you fail some Apprentice reviews)

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wait what?

Apprentice I items come back for review in only 4 hours

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