Help doing WK on Android?

Hi, returning to WK after an absence and just learned how to install scripts on my phone! Such a game-changer! I’m running into a new issue, though:

My English keyboard auto-capitalizes, so every time I want to input a reading I have to toggle back to lowercase (otherwise the first character is katakana and I get marked wrong). I tried using my phone’s default Japanese keyboard but (of course) it defaults to Hiragana so I’m toggling to Romanji for meanings, not much of an improvement.

I know, I know, it’s just 1-2 button presses per review! But half the time I forget and start typing and then have to edit which really breaks the flow.

What do you use for your phone reviews? Is there a recommended keyboard or browser setup? Is there a script for this problem? (I feel like this community has a cool script for everything under the sun! :smiley: )


I can’t help with regards to your auto-cap situation, but with regards to this

I far prefer doing reviews on laptop, but for times of phone reviews, I use Anki Mode. Cuts down on the typing.

My typing on smart phone has sped up and improved, but it still pales in comparison to 20 years experience at blind home row typing. :grimacing:


I use

Has some ‘built in’ scripts. But you can’t install any that aren’t already included. But the ones it has, are enough for my needs.


For the autocapitalization, Swiftkey is a keyboard app that allows you to turn auto-capitalization on and off if you want. It also allows you to switch between languages very easily by swiping the keyboard, which is quite handy if you want to type Japanese outside of the WaniKani website.


@Omun - Thanks, found Anki Mode. Typing/writing helps me learn so I probably shouldn’t use this full time but maybe just for clearing out the backlog. (And yeah computer > phone, but it’s nice being able to chip away at a few reviews in bed in the morning, or while standing at the bus stop.)

@DaisukeJigen - Oh nice. I don’t know why I thought the app was discontinued? Will give it a try once I no longer need the level sorter. Thanks!

@Pep95 - Thank you so much! My default English keyboard is already Swiftkey! I couldn’t find anything in systems settings, but since you said the option existed I snooped around some more and found a second hidden settings menu on the keyboard itself. Perfect! (Bonus, this Japanese keyboard is much more comfortable than the other one.)


Actually if you go into your general apps section you’ll find the swiftkey app in there, which immediately sends you to the settings menu :slight_smile:

Haha nope, not in the apps menu! And going to the apps list in the settings menu just gives me notifications options. It was factory-installed so I wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturer hid it away for a more “user friendly” feel. :roll_eyes:

No worries, there’s a little hidden pop-up menu on the keyboard itself with a settings link. Right next to the stickers and the animated gifs … I guess those are the important things in life?

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I’m using wk in chrome with the default android keyboard and its lowercase by default for the kanji readings, hm

my keyboard works fine as well. Im using Firefox with gboard as my keyboard

i had to turn off autocapitalization from SwiftKey as pre-caution because it’s just faster to type-in reviews in just one keyboard on mobile but every now and then I forget to switch to Google Japanese keyboard which i used for reviews in romanji mode because it didn’t auto-cap.

Today I typoed 八 as ハち, which made me lose my mind as I dropped from Guru 2 down to Apprentice 2 just because of that. I still think WK should detect this and just warn and wiggle.


For anyone doing reviews on the go, the Logitech K380 keyboard is incredibly slim and portable and one of the nicest keyboards I’ve ever typed on, and I’m a touch typist who’s owned way too many keyboards.

Great for having in your bag if you don’t necessarily want to bring a laptop somewhere but find yourself with time to study on your phone or iPad.

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You can get the Ignore script working on Firefox with Violent Monkey if you want, this could prevent those pesky typo errors.

@Pep95 I’m afraid I would start using it for other mistakes too like misremembered mnemonics etc

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