Doing reviews on phone vs. computer

What device to you use for WaniKani? I only used my phone so far, but today I tried doing my reviews on a laptop. Not surprisingly, it is so much faster. Should get one of those foldable keyboards for my phone, so I could do my reviews quickly when I’m on the go with no access to a laptop. Typing with one thumb is kind of tedious.


I am much more focused, when I do the reviews and lessons on my laptop or PC. Also I have less typos.


I use my computer when possible. Their hiragana converter is a little buggy on phone so I have to carefully check each response that I type to make sure it says what I intended. Most prominently, it will delete my っ as I’m typing them.


Computer almost exclusively. Far slower and more error prone when I’m on my phone. But if I’m somewhere with just a phone and a few minutes to kill…


I do 90% of lessons on phone since it gives the “similar kanji” list. That’s huge value for me as I keep mixing up many of the kanjis.

Reviews I do 90% on PC just because it’s faster to type. Phone usually if I’m lazy and don’t want to walk all the way to the south wing.

Computer if I’m at home, but otherwise phone. I type 3-4 times faster than I can text, and most devices don’t do a fantastic job of reading all of my finger taps, so I get a bunch of weird typos trying to input what I want.


I use both computer and phone. But I doublecheck more my answers on the phone because of typos.


Exclusively phone with Tsurukame - being able to do lessons and reviews whenever, wherever in a very smooth manner (mobile browser is not smooth) is what’s kept me consistent over the months.

I used to do alot of reviews on my phone when riding shotgun in a car, or at a boring conference… However I realized that the amount of errors I make while typing on phone, in addition to the fact that my typing speed on computer is at least 5x as fast, made it not worth the effort.

I’d rather save the time doing reviews for my pc and if I want to study Japanese on my phone, i’ll use other methods and apps.


I prefer doing it on the computer, but I end up doing it on the phone a lot because of convenience. Tsurukame is pretty good mostly - the only issue I find with it is that if you get a meaning wrong during review, it’s not possible to check that item without also seeing the reading.

I started with my phone but then switched to PC, It is not only faster but the typos I got on my phone were frustrating.


I’d stay I do about 60% on phone and 40% on PC. It’s really debatable which one works better for me. I type Japanese much faster and with fewer errors on the PC, but I type English at least as fast on the phone, thanks to the text suggestions. The other benefits of the phone for me are that I can take it with me more easily and that it tends to stay logged in longer.

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I only do it on my phone if I have absolutely nothing else to do at that moment in time.

So, i predominantly do wanikani on my laptop.
Tons of typos and such when on my phone


I use my computer whenever is possible. On my old cell phone it’s a bit of a torture, the keyboard is laggy and I often get typos; still, with my phone I can connect to my uni’s wi fi anywhere (can’t really bring my laptop around that much since study rooms are very crowded and it’s hard to find a place to seat AND a plug). Can’t wait to replace this crummy phone :triumph:


Phone basically exclusively because I currently don’t have a computer at home!

At first, the typos were excessive and frustrating. But, I seem to keep them to a minimum rather successfully now.


I don’t review on my phone because it’s too slow


I only use my phone, and I dont think it takes too long, but I do end up with a lot of typos and autocorrect mistakes when entering english. I feel it’s just easier to keep up with reviews when I can do them anywhere.

I prefer my phone, even though it is faster on pc, because

  • I use the japanese keyboard (directly in hiragana)
  • The review session doesn’t time out. So I can do a few reviews from a single session throughout the day.

I use my PC, my iPad Pro, and my iPhone depending on the situation. If I’m at home, I typically use my computer or my iPad. If I’m outside, I usually use an iPad and my phone. I use the iPad most of the time whenever the situation.


An iPad would probably work much better than a phone, given that the chance of typos would be smaller because of the bigger buttons. I dont have one but luckily my laptop is light, and since I do all my work on it, I will normally have it around everywhere… I suppose same as the ipad or any other tablet. Phones are just a bit too small to type on efficiently imo