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I am debating whether to study more stuff at the moment as I have plenty else to do right now and I don’t want it to get out of hand, and it got me thinking. What’s the likelihood of getting a number of reviews due over the next week or month?
Obviously this would be a little vague since your reviews with less than a month’s spacing would still count after you saw them, but it would be so helpful to get a longer view of what’s coming up.
A day’s notice might let you say “I think I’ll do some reviews at lunch”, but it’s not going to tell you if you’re going to end up with 200 reviews to do if you’re away for the weekend and don’t shift the 100 you’ve got already.
Obviously I don’t need to make the case for this - it’s self-evident - but is it at all possible?


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This feature is actually currently in beta on the WaniKani preview site. Just bear in mind that doing lessons/reviews on this version of the site affect everything like normal.

There’s also a more detailed version of this available via a user script if you’re willing to install those.


That sounds great - I’ll take a look into that later :slight_smile:


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