Reviews after level 60

Hello everyone, soon I will reach level 60 but I will start to work and therefore I will have way less free time.
I was wondering how many reviews a day will I get in average after reaching level 60 since I won’t be learning new stuff

Depends on how many apprentice and guru items you have and also how many were already burnt. But it will get less every day since you don’t add new items


That very much depends on how many lessons you are learning per day.

Say you are learning 20 a day currently.

Then you should have maybe 180 reviews a day, (or way more all depends)
This would drop to 140 reviews the day after you finish all your lessons.
120 the day after that.
100 two days after that. (until everything is guru’d)
Then 1 week 80
2 weeks of 60 (until everything is master’d)
1 month of 40 (until everything is enlightened)
4 months of 20 reviews a day. (until everything is burn’d)

Again this is if you were totally consistent and never got anything wrong, which no one is… But this is (a VERY) general schedule that you might except the number of reviews to drop off, as apprentice reviews end, guru reviews end, master reviews end, enlightened reviews end, until your last burn review.

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Even better idea. See for yourself!

This shows you all the reviews that you already have schedule in the future. It’s not a perfect answer to your question but it might give you peace of mind.

(It’s not perfect because things that are guru’d are not scheduled as master until after you master them. Meaning it only shows the schedules of the next review, guru to master, it doesn’t then project when the enlighten and burn reviews would be. But it’s a good tool nonetheless.)


thank you, have a good day

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Congrulations in advance. Reaching level 60 is such an achievement.

Regarding the number of reviews, it will get less and less each day, but more importantly, they will be less than any day you’ve had so far. So the average per day is less than the your current average per day (assuming you’ve been doing wanikani normally and not ups and downs).

I recommend you space your reviews throughout the day. Since most items will be Guru II level or more, even if you fail, your review will show up at the same time you did the review. (Since it goes to Apprentice IV, and thats in 24 hours).

So manipulate the time the reviews show up so it doesn’t appear at work :slight_smile:


Yeahh, this doesn’t sound very realistic. I had 150 reviews everyday for a few weeks and was still getting over 100 reviews a day at about 2 months. And my accuracy was pretty good at 90%. Granted there were a lot of leeches rotating, but those are a huge factor.


In good days I’m getting 100… but often is more. When I first reached 60 several months ago was about 200.

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thank you a lot, have a good day

You can use the expected daily user script to see what the expected daily reviews are based on your SRS stage counts.


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