How many reviews do you get a day, in average?

I’m curious to see how many reviews you get per day, mostly because I screwed up and I felt like I was getting too many reviews a day (sometimes I’d wake up, and have 60+ reviews to tackle…).

I created a WK account 174 days ago, but only started using it 155 days ago. Which means:

54427/155 days = 351.
351/2 reviews per item= 175 reviews/day.
The value is actually a little higher since radicals only have meaning.

I’m going maximum speed on WK, so the high amount of reviews makes sense.


I think I average right around 100-105 a day, but there’s quite a bit of variance. Some days are only 85, others are 125.


im sitting with 117 to complete today

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Probably around 150. I do my lessons in batches so some days I have less than 100, and others I have as much as 300. It depends on how batches of master/enlightened/burn reviews show up.

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Around 80 to 100 a day, although some days after I level up I can have up to 150 a day

Approximately 100-140 reviews now that I got my giant backlog down.

Between 30-60 nowadays, but I still have flashbacks to when I had more than 200 per day.

Never gotten more than 60 in a day so far. But I’m quite lax with doing lessons, so my apprentice items don’t pile up.

I specifically manage mine to be under 100 reviews most days.


a hundred I’d say

Between 50 and 100.

I hit my first 100+ review session the other day. I think it was 107 to be exact. I’m just reaching the end of the free level 3 before signing up properly.

(121207/355)/2 = 171
I got the same result a jprspereira. But I feel like (when i look at my next day count) it’s usually 250+ or nothing. Also, accuracy has gone down in recent levels and future levels are faster so i predict daily review will increase significantly.

I keep doing the reviews as soon as they show up so I don’t get this massive pile… usually I get something like 30-40 items at one go, but I can imagine that it will accumulate pretty soon. I have something like 550 items in my apprentice+guru heap, but I just can’t refrain from doing more lessons, I am too curious.

50-100 in one day seems about average at the moment.

Around a 100.

When I just started a level, I get about 200+ reviews a day 'cause i’m going as fast as I can go.

But about 4 - 6 days after the start of a level, it dies down to about 100+ a day

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