Reviewing/using notes with SRS?

New to WaniKani and what I find myself doing is making notes as I go through each lesson, but I’m not sure how appropriate it is to actually review/go over these notes. WaniKani and SRS in general follow a scheduled review period, if I go over my notes in between reviews/just before starting a review, does that technically mess up the SRS process?

I just reached level 2, for the first half (radicals and kanji) I was going over my notes between reviews, and while I still missed a few (mostly misspelling) I was doing really good. When the vocabulary readings started I began second guessing if reviewing notes was a good thing or not, so I decided to do my first few reviews after the vocabulary lessons without looking at my notes at all. This time I only 74% and have 8 vocabulary items in the critical list.

What do other people do? Review notes regularly? Just review critical condition items? Just check the information modal when you get one wrong, and just keep trying the built in scheduled WK reviews?

You definitely should NOT review your notes immediately before doing reviews. Doing it in between is probably fine in most cases.

And don’t worry about new items ending up in the critical list. That happens pretty often to me and probably many other people.

The best thing to do is probably to review items you just got wrong after doing your reviews, to help solidify them for next time. If you’re comfortable with adding user scripts, you can use these three to allow you to review recently wrong reviews and leeches (items that you get wrong over and over) as often as you want.


You don’t need no taking notes.
You don’t need write them down.

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I do something similar, which is looking up sentences using difficult vocab and entering them into Anki so that I can remember them in context, which helps me greatly and helps me recognise these words when I see them in native material. However, I’m always careful not to review these immediately before my WK reviews, otherwise it’s just cheating.

You’ll have to judge for yourself: when you see these words in the wild, can you understand them?

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I only make notes for items that have been in critical condition for a while and I just can’t remember for a week or more. The SRS is enough for the rest. And, as said above, do not go over your notes right before starting a review under any circumstances.

I write down each item, its meaning, and reading (for kanji and vocab) in a notebook. But I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed any of it and I don’t really have any plans to. I do it more to force myself to slow down a bit and not speed through lessons. Plus, I want to learn how write kanji as well as read it.

When I get something wrong in review I usually have no idea what it was supposed to be, so I click to expand the information then.

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