Burning kanji I got wrong the same day!

Does anybody else have the issue where items they have already got right or wrong appear again, as if they haven’t already been reviewed?

Originally I thought it was only happening to items where I had only done one part of the review but it has also happened recently to items that have been promoted or demoted.

I think it happens when my review pile isn’t reduced to zero during the session - which is not always possible.

Not sure if this is just an issue with Wanikani itself or maybe a script conflict!

Actually happened recently to some items due for burn. Ideally you want it to remember even if one reading was incorrect and the other reading wasn’t competed. Otherwise it feels like your accidentally gaming the srs system!


I think if you are in the middle of a review session and you stop for a couple hours it resets or something. I’ve noticed the same thing happening.


Yeah, it might be something like this. From what I can tell, when you get an item right on both reading and meaning it will progress automatically in the system, but if you get it wrong, it won’t actually be demoted until you finish the review session. So if the session expires because of inactivity, or if you start a new review session (in another browser or on mobile etc) the item will remain in your reviews queue. That’s why it’s important that, even if you can’t finish all the reviews, you use the “wrap up” button, in order for your review session to be completed and all items to be committed to the system.


If you make a mistake on either reading or meaning, then don’t complete the other and walk away for a period of time (not sure how long), the mistake will not count.

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So it’s not that the review session doesn’t automatically commit the wrong answer, but that you need to do the quiz for both the reading and the meaning before it is committed? So the solution would be to make sure you do the quiz for both reading and meaning? Either way, using the wrap-up button before going away from WK seems like a wise thing to do.(Or, if for some reason someone wanted to cheat, they’d finish the review in another browser)

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Yes, I believe that to be the case. At least that’s what I’ve gathered from people mentioning doing this deliberately to invalidate a typo.

Thanks for the clarification. Makes sense. Seems like a bit of an oversight in relation to the srs system though! Due to the random structure of the reviews unless you always complete them all, then you are invariably goig to be left with some that reset. Any incorrect item gets demoted anyway - even if you get the other reading right - so surely it would be better to record the demotion after the first reading.

I believe it’s supposed to record the SRS change right away during review sessions to avoid the situations you’re describing. Maybe @oldbonsai can confirm when he has the chance.

I have definitely not been using this to my advantage instead of override scripts.


The general consensus is correct — we only record answers (right and wrong) when all parts (meaning for radicals, meaning and reading for kanji and vocabulary) are answered correctly. We have to wait for the total number of incorrect answers to know how far back to move the item in the SRS.

We only keep incorrect answers in local storage for a little while to keep things tidy and to account for interruptions with review sessions. There are some things we could do to track errors more strictly, but that starts feeling pretty harsh when you got one half of a review wrong three days ago before your boss noticed you doing reviews at your desk and you had to close the window really fast. Or, you know, something like that.


There you go. As usual, I have no idea what I’m talking about. :wink:



(kidding :grin:)

(you’re obviously a robot not a cat)




Can you confirm how long this is? I have forgotten

Me neither, especially on level-up critical kanji, nope sir, not me!

I think it’s two hours.

Any plans on connecting this to your account and not as cache (me assuming)? I get the timing, but getting a review wrong on my laptop and picking up my phone to cheat on that review is not… good.

And I totally did that for some double enter typos.

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Indeed, very very very bad, チョベリバ even. Only a fiend would even think of doing such a heinous abominable crime.

I also sort of did that a bit, maybe


No plans currently. Anti-cheating development generally gets pushed down the list, too — we can’t stop all the super clever ways people come up with to cheat themselves. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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