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Little context

I have been using Anki for about 1-2 months now and really like it. The problem is I’ve noticed that I am having trouble recognizing words in reverse from the way I’ve studied them in Anki. For example, going from English to Japanese is fine but when I try to go from Japanese to English its harder.


I am trying to figure out the best way to create a separate deck with the same cards and order. I have tried to do it via filtered decks but I’m not sure how to flip the flash cards without flipping all my cards in the original deck. I have also tried to re-import the deck under a different name but Anki is too smart for that. Any suggestions on how to create a second identical deck so I can study the cards in reverse is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

*I ask on WK because I know there are quite a few Anki gurus here

Have you tried adding an extra card type?

What I do is sorting deck by Card types into separate decks.

Search by card:Reading does work, and then Change Deck.

I recently stopped using filtered deck, and use sub decks instead.

About sorting, Reposition... also sorts the cards.

Thank you very much for the information polv. The video in the manual was really helpful.

I kept researching after I posted and came up with the same method of creating a filtered deck using reversed cards the way you mention(i think). This way was initially how I wanted to do it, using a staggered approach. Learn the en -> jp and later learn the jp -> en so as not to overwhelm myself. I am curious about why you stopped using filtered decks and are using sub decks instead now. Why is that?

Do you know about 10 240 480 1440 4320 10080 20160 40320 161280? Ver 2.0.

Although I use only 1 10 240 480, using filtered deck would break these steps.

Also, filtered decks don’t allow you to actively suspend and unsuspend the cards.

NB. Filtered deck includes Custom Study Sessions too.

My trick is,

  • On the first time round,
  • Kanji->EN before EN->Kana
  • On reviews (second time and latter),
  • Always EN->Kana before Kanji->EN; never do Kanji->Kana
    • This is because there are too many exceptions in Kanji->Kana; also, I rely on WaniKani on this.

Just looked at it and it seems interesting. Will experiment with the idea and see how it goes.

So if i understood your process correctly:
You divide your decks into sub modules so that you can do multiple passes. i.e. kanji -> en, en -> kana, and then when the cards are moved into the review stack you do it in the opposite order. Or do you have multiple cards types interlaced so that they show up in random order while still adhering to the process you described(In other words you will never get en->kana before kanji->en)?

And just to specify my method. I am creating the filtered deck using this settings:

And the “Reschedule cards” option is enabled because I want them to be put on the review stack once I clear them. At least that is the behavior I am expecting based on what I read.

I used to do Custom Steps 1 10 240 480 too. This allows me to do multiple reviews per day. Also Reschedule is Enabled for me too.

Take your time to experiment with Anki.

Will do, Anki feels like the type of thing that gets more and more useful the more you use. Thanks again for the useful information.

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