Returning from a break. Using Burn Manager and Reorder Ultimate

I took quite a solid break and have let like 1000 reviews pile up. Planning another trip in November so the motivation has sprung back up to study. It has been pretty hard to just jump right back into WaniKani, but I found some user scripts that have been making it easier. I was thinking of resetting my level, but didn’t want to get time gated by the stuff I did remember. I used Burn Manager to resurrect all of my burn items, and I’ve been using Reorder Ultimate to study my reviews in lesson order.

I’m finding some things strange though. Some radicals and kanji that I’ve burned I studied first. However today I got the vocab for northwest, but I haven’t seen either the kanji or vocab for north or west yet. It made me start digging around and it looks like both of them are burned still? Using Burn Manager I have a lot of things listed as SRS level: Burned, Currently: Retired. What does this mean, and why aren’t these showing up?

P.S. side complaint. the functionality of reordering your reviews should really be built into the app, it help immensely when returning. I study a lot at work. 10 review every time I make coffee or have to walk to the water fountain, bathroom breaks etc… Getting userscripts to work on mobile was a pain, and even now it works but with some major flaws.


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