Restarting haha

I hit level 21 awhile ago, at that point I had been really good about reviews and whatnot, anyways, once the school year really got going, the new environment was fairly hard for me to get adapted into, I fell behind in schoolwork, and then started falling behind in wanikani as a result. From there I spiraled into a myriad of excuses and eventually just stopped doing reviews. At the moment I have roughly 2000 reviews in queue. I’ve been trying to get back into it, but the number is just too high, and I’m missing too many, I decided its time to hit the reset button. Loosing all of my progress hurts, but this is the best way to move forwards. I have a trip to Japan next summer, I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress once I catch up to my current position, and from there onwards.


ive done this before at level 10 on another account and it has its positives and negatives. Personally i would not recommend resetting so many levels. I would reset back 5 levels at most and let the SRS do its thing. You don’t want to spend months bored by re learning the same thing, Just Tough it out and you will be better of because of it. Rest 3 levels and see how it goes.

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Haha too late.
I understand your point, but I decided I need to completely refresh my kanji knowledge, to make sure the kanji are truly anchored in, and I’m not accidently burning things by guessing them. Eitherway, at this point wanikani will be purely supplemental, while I focus more on reading, listening and anki. I won’t be bored as I’ll just be showing up for my reviews and lessons whenever they pop up. This is not only for lesson management and learning, but also for me mentally.

I reset from around that level too, I went back to 1 for a fresh start. It was SO worth it!
With 2000 in the review pile it can sometimes be better to do the bigger chunk.
A few levels reset is when you give in more quickly, not after it has pilled that high. So you made the right choice =)
You will be back to your old level soon enough, without the stressfull backlog. The items you know fairly well already will help you speen through the levels with ease

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You know sometimes to move forward you have to take a few steps back. So try to think of this as a good thing! :smiley:


I get it. I reset from 28 to 22 for the exact same reason on the 10th.

The pandemic disturbing my schedule set up May and June 2020 to disturb that which keeps you going in WaniKani - discipline and routine.

I literally added the over 2,000 reviews upcoming to the WaniKani memes thread when it was created.

See this post for more details:

I just reset again, on my third run. Life happens, yo.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “You never fail until you stop trying.”

I think that’s an Einstein quote at least… anyways, 頑張りましょう


Good luck! Like you said on the 0/0 thread: “Third time’s the charm, right?”

Do you want to share (any of) what happened to cause you to reset again?

Well, 2020 and the first part of 2021 wasn’t the easiest for me. All of my Japanese studies are for fun, definitely no formal classes or anything of the sort, so it fell to the wayside as I was dealing with other life stuff that needed dealt with. Had to prioritize, and I’m at a place now where I can allocate my time and mental capacity back into it. It’s been like 4 or 5 months since I’ve done any reviews or lessons at all, I had 2000 reviews and tried knocking whatever I could out. I got like 40 in and said, “Nope.”

A super refresher can never hurt anyways. Anyways, I’m happy to reset if it means I’ll be able to get back on the right track and off the catch-up struggle bus

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Yeah, I hear you. It’s nearly impossible to clear out 2,000 reviews - also very demotivating! :wink:

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Yeah, I could smell my brain smoking after those 40 I did. Definitely needed a hard reset

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Absolutely, it feels so good to have that weight lifted up and my interest and motivation rekindled. I’m currently focusing more on my Kana vocab, which keeps fking me over when i’m trying to read sentences and distinguish the vocab and grammar. It’s only been a around a week, and the differences in my reading ability are night and day already. I’m not in a rush to learn Japanese, so i’d prefer to do it in a way that’s easier on me, than spending a month trying to get back into my level 21 srs. Im positive it was the right choice.

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on a separate note, this new level 1 word, 力いっぱい is so stupid, I had to add like 4 synonyms because I keep saying extremely close variations like; “with one’s full strength” lol, I zoomed through level 1 in a couple days, and I’m close to level 3, but I still haven’t guru’d that

Good choice imo, it’s worth it! I reset at 33 or 34 and have no regrets at all. The point is to learn these and sometimes it’s better to learn the same thing more than once for it to stick. Good luck!

I just answer “full power” for it :wink:

Sorry that it’s giving you so much trouble, but I’m glad you’re able to pick up on WK again!