Restarting WaniKani; how to?

Hey there,

Back in the day (looking at stats it was neary 3000 days ago, haha) I reached level ~42. I always had breaks from time to time due to time consuming studies at unviersity. I resettet the progress and stopped doing reviews again some time ago again. Obviously while forgetting to turn on vacation mode to only come back to this (level 20):

So in your opinon, how would you start again?`Getting a clean plate by starting over again, even though you now 98% of the early stuff?

Or would you fight through those masses of kanjis and vocabs with probably many forgotten currently?
I also fear that when I do to many of those reviews in a short time, they will return in greater batches.
I assume I would be reviewing like hell before returning the system to a normal schedule.

I focused a lot on grammar in recent times because it was the department I was lacking the most after mostly focusing on wanikani, but by now I also want ro return to this and try to keep a certain balance.

Any thoughts on this since I don’t know how to approach it. Just to get some input and opinions.

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My recommendation:

Set “Review ordering” to “lower levels first” in WK’s settings.
Then, decide on a reasonable number of reviews to do each day.
Do that many reviews each day, until you catch up.

There’s no need to do an abnormal number of reviews at once or anything like that. Just work through the pile, slow and steady. You can adjust the number of reviews you do each day based on how easy or hard it ends up being.

I would avoid resetting, since you don’t want to do the easy low-level stuff again.


Great tip regarding the sorting option from “lower levels first”. I never saw/noticed that option. Might reviwing a little bit more structured to get those older ones away.


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what Escalus said, except i’d install a script to re-rder by SRS level.

otherwise, exactly that, been there, done that. twice already (oops).


I definitely wouldn’t reset back all the way to 1 (unless you really want to start with a clean slate), but if resetting back a couple levels wouldn’t bother you and would put a big dent in that review pile, it might make the whole thing seem more manageable.

Maybe take a glance through the built-in filter at the top of the dashboard by level for kanji/vocab and see if there are a lot in the more recent levels you don’t feel like you know at all and would be better resetting down a few levels:


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