Thoughts on Restarting?

Background: I started WaniKani in January 2019 and I’m now level 31. From the time I started up until around when COVID became bad, I was very good with doing reviews: would do them almost every hour I was awake, consistently got 90%+ correct. Over the past few months with COVID, I had been working from home and using WaniKani less frequently. Now that I’m back at work, a lot of the kanji that are popping up that I’m having trouble with. I’ll think it’s one of three readings or something and guess correctly. I’m lucky if I can get 65% of my reviews correct now.

But I’m torn about restarting because I put a year and a half into this account. Also, the first 10 or so levels are going to be very tedious, as I studied Japanese for 3 years in college and am now living in Japan.

I’m sure there are a million threads about this, but here’s another. I’m wondering if anyone has been at a similar level/had a similar situation and decided to restart or carry through and is happy with their decision?


You could just reset back 5-10 levels instead of all the way back to level 1 if you want.

I used vacation mode for about 3 months when I was around level 50, but I just continued after that without resetting. For what that’s worth.


I didn’t even know a partial restart was an option. Thanks!

Congrats on level 60! (however belated that might be :laughing:)


Are you sure he’s level 60? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It depends, really. I’ve done a few resets in the past and now, having come back after a year, I just dived in with ~1.2k reviews. My arms got sore after typing, a lot dropped into apprentice/guru, but overall it’s not that scary. You’ll remember a lot more than you anticipate, imo. And it hurts to go through the same items you’ve learned once, bringing down the satisfaction of reaching a new level.

Tl;dr I’d try and not reset at all if possible.


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