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Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew a book/website that provide a list of terms to easily read newspaper or watch TV News? Like most used/must know words or expressions.
Can be JP/JP or JP/EN doesn’t matter to me.


Well, I’m not sure if that’s what you’re asking for and you probably already know about this resource anyway, but just in case:

is easy to read and has Japanese definitions to many of the terms.


Like this?


thanks (and sorry for the late reply), I had came across this resource but still have to browse it. Looks good from the fast peak I took.


nhk easy news

so far I haven’t been able to find a news article website a level above nhk easy news, all the others have complex vocab.

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Thanks but I’m not looking for a news website. I’m looking for a list of most used vocabulary in news / news website/ etc. I think if the previously mentioned website doesn’t match my expectations I will have to do some data mining (hopefully automated :sweat_smile:)
thanks for yall answers though

There are a few more known frequency lists, in case this one doesn’t work out. I’m sure there’s probably better ones. Like decks and stuff.

anki decks would be the answer. I never used them, but I always see people here finding decks specific for something, in your case, frequency vocab in news.

I Will check them, thanks

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