What's after NHK's News Web Easy?

Sup tomodachis.

After one year, News Web Easy went from being a huge source of confusion to my best friend. All that really means to me is that I’m getting too comfortable! So, what’s the next level for me for my daily reading? I’m into things like video games, fitness, sports, music (production rather than listening) and computers. Are there any websites that relate to those things that someone of my skill level can comprehend, yet be challenged by? I’d also accept any news sites that give a bit more of a challenge as well.

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It’s a bit on the expensive side, but I found Satori Reader to be the perfect next step. It’s more challenging than NHK easy news while being a bit less difficult than full native material. It’s also designed with learners in mind so the definition of every words is just one click away and the grammar of difficult sentences is broken down. Also it’s much more fun than news in my opinion :slight_smile:


A Podcast (無料) with optional transcription APP (有料)
What about Bilingual News?

In small doses, during daily commute, it has proved to be very helpful for 拙者!


What about something like RocketNews24? Many of their articles have an equivalent on their English site so you can check things if you fail on comprehension.

Mostly fun and lighthearted articles about pop culture and events in Japan- usually stuff like “this shop is doing an Evangelion range of tampons!” or “we went to check out the onsen where real pokemon zap you”, only slightly less ludicrous.


After I started to find NHK easy was too simple, I would read to easy article version (to get the gist of it) then move to the standard article with the link at the bottom.


Journals like 毎日 ( https://mainichi.jp/ ) have articles that are fun to read. Some target younger readers ( 毎日小学生新聞(北海道では「北海道小学生新聞」) | 毎日新聞 ) . It can get complicated, but the Yomichan expansion helps a lot.


あぁ, Good one!

Thanks, guys. I’ll be checking some of these out tonight. (@^◡^)