I would appreciate a suggestion for reading material

Hi all, I checked search first but nothing quite matched. I’m working on lvl 九 and I find I don’t recognize enough on, for example, NHK Easy to get much out of it. Maybe I am just not far enough along to do anything else and need to try children’s books but that doesn’t appeal much to me. I’m actually otherwise pretty format/content agnostic - I’m willing to try fiction, nonfiction, news, manga, whatever - but can somebody give me an idea or two about what I might try for reading material?


Well, here are the sources I always recommend:



(that one is in English by default but can be changed to Japanese)

These ones are free.

This one is not free, but it’s arguably the best reading resource for beginners.


Thank you. I will look at these.

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In addition to all of the cat’s recommendations, which I endorse (especially Tadoku), I think one thing about NHK Easy especially is becoming comfortable with not knowing things and seeing it as an opportunity to learn a word here or a word there over time. Especially if you already generally follow the news in your native language, NHK Easy can be a good place where you can start guessing words contextually based on the other words you already know in a sentence (articles about sports, space, other global events etc) and what you already know about a subject matter (they were talking about x problem with Japan’s lunar lander on the english news, maybe this is a similar article but from a Japan-focused POV? etc)