Resetting to level 1 😫

I’ve lost too much and gotten too overwhelmed with reviews piling up, so I’m starting fresh at level one. It’s a little disheartening, but I think that considering I’ve fallen a bit on hard financial times anyway, this will be a good step for me to keep up with my studies and save some scratch. Wish me luck!


頑張ってください !!


motivation izuku
All the best to you on this go around @okami_edamame-さん! I hope you will no longer be overwhelmed as you reach for the golden level. See you at level 60!


The same thing happened to me. I got overwhelmed by so many reviews and I was absorbing very little kanji and vocabulary from new lessons, so I decided to stop for some time. Then I came back and reset to level 1. I can tell you it was the best thing I did. Before stopping I was also taking a look at grammar structures. Now I feel some things make a lot more sense and I’m able to understand the examples given, which I could understand very little before


Think about it this way, things will go a lot easier this time around since you’ll likely run into plenty of stuff you already remembered well

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