Feature request: chat topic search addition

It would be way more convenient if the results in the chat topic search linked to the actual post instead of the thread in general, or at least offered some way of finding that specific post again easily. For example, showing the post number in the bottom right as they do within the threads themselves. It doesn’t even need to link, just knowing the post number makes it so much easier.
Is there any way for you guys to do that, or is the framework not there for you to pull that info and display it? Should I send the request straight to staff? 

man I was just thinking about this but too lazy to make the post. Good call … I impatiently await the answer or fulfillment of this request

In my opinion this doesn’t look very simple to do with a userscript.
When you search, WK gives you the post ID, but not the page in the thread that post belongs to, and without some way of getting that info you can’t make a direct link.

ah, but the thing is that it doesn’t give the post ID in the search results. the page number is derivable from the post ID. posts 2-10 are on the first page. 11-20 are on the second page. 21-30 are on the third page, and so on. but we don’t even have the post ID so…

Oh, I guess I should have explained it better, sorry. I’m talking about the internal ID WaniKani uses to identify all posts (regardless of thread).

That’s what you need when you make a direct link, for instance your last post:

Is post ID 250388. But that alone isn’t enough if you don’t know what page you should be linking to…

aaaahh ok that makes more sense.

this is seriously needed…

When I’m searching for a post in a long thread, I mouseover the grey “posted … ago” text on the post. After a couple seconds it shows the exact timestamp when it was created. Then it’s pretty easy to find where it is in the long thread by jumping around pages and checking timestamps on other posts. It’s not ideal, but it works. Also not ideal is not being able to find your own posts or all the posts of another user. That would be my #1 request. Just let me see everything I’ve written!!

i didn’t know mousing over the posted xxxx ago text showed the exact timestamp. better than what i’ve been doing so far :smiley: