Confusing/redundant "reply" layout. Anyone else think so?


Does anyone else find the way the new forum groups replies to other posted comments to be totally counter-intuitive and confusing? Normally in a forum the replies are indented directly under the post being replied to. Sometimes there is a hide/expand option. Here you must push an extra button just to see the replies, but the reply itself still interrupts the flow of conversation on the topic by showing up as a non-indented comment (completely devoid of context) as if it were a reply directly to the op, which they are not. I find this extremely redundant and needlessly confusing.

Edit: Thank you all so far for the interesting discussion. I feel like I know a bit of the ‘why’ behind it which helps a bit. Also good to know aobut other avenues of feedback!


No, I don’t.


Wow dude, you followed me from another thread to continue a pointless argument. Well done. I applaud you.


I answered your question. You don’t want my feedback?


Somebody get this man a first rate troll badge. I welcome your feedback. That was not feedback, nor does it contribute in any way to the discussion. That was passive aggressive stalking. You chew somebody out on another thread for speaking their mind about a matter directly related to the OP’s question, and now you follow me here out of spite. Truly a person of character.


In terms of feedback, you would want to direct this to Discourse not WK.
WK devs aren’t going to completely rewrite parts of the forum architecture to address this.

Posting this here is just noise :slight_smile:


You’re the only one who characterized my initial response as “chewing out”. I think it’s more arrogant to come into a topic and say that you think a script shouldn’t be made because you personally wouldn’t use it.

But that’s tangential to this thread. I didn’t bring it up here.


The old forum used indent for replies, but I found it to be completely pointless after a few responses.
Personally, it’s far easier to see who is replying to whom and following the chain.


I agree with OP, the discussions here tend to be quite lively, and sudden, seemingly out of context post can be confusing while skimming, especially as the marker of it being answer post is not very visible in my opinion.

On the other hand, chill out guys. Let’s leave judging posts as noise to admins, it’s not like we never get pointless posts in here (sect name, level up, Y U so slow WK etc.)


I like how it’s both nested and not, don’t think it’s confusing at all (except for that replies to the person right above you don’t display as replies).


Ah ok I thought there were settings the WKians had access to but if I was mistaken then that’s that.


Yeah I don’t recall ever saying such a thing. Please don’t put words in my mouth, and please just go away.


Oh please, you’re the one being rude.


You did not see how he treated the poster in the other topic.


No, and I don’t care, since it’s not relevant to this topic.


I told someone their opinion wasn’t relevant to the thread. Because it was asking people who were interested to speak up, not for those who were uninterested to shoot the idea down.

That’s literally all it was.


Exactly. It’s not relevant and I would like to have the matter dropped. I’m glad we see eye to eye.


Then why did you bring it up in the first place?


… I did not. This troll followed me here from elsewhere purely to make passive aggressive posts. They would only appear that way in context. Of which you have none. That’s the last I’m going to say about it.

Welcome to the argument, person C


“No I don’t.” is a perfectly valid response, though. He’s not following you, everyone sees new threads and everyone is allowed to post in them.