[Request] "Ignore Answer" script by hotkey

I do review by keyboard only without using the mouse. I would like to be able to press the “Ignore Answer” userscript button that causes my fail to not count to be pressable by a keyboard hotkey rather than using the mouse.

Is this possible?

For someone this lazy asking for such a lazy suggestion you should probably stop being lazy and program it yourself, especially since this doesn’t even need a program. 

It’s been a while since I looked at that code, but I think there’s a hotkey ‘~’ (above the Escape key).

Do youself a favor and use override responsibly.  Real typos only, i.e. slip of the finger, not slip of the mind.  Anything else is only hurting yourself.

Happy WKing!

Used to be as above.

It is changed to ESC key in the latest version, though.

Thanks rfindly, it is indeed the ~ for me aswell. 
It saves quite a lot of time for non-natives if you don’t have to constanty check for typo’s or think about the proper spelling (the quality of my spelling when tackling 200+ reviews needs a bigger margin of error than the system currently has).  
No need to triple-check the correct spelling of ‘righteousness’ anymore :slight_smile:
But yes, use it responsible. Once you start using it for things ‘you think you kinda knew’, not even the great Crabigator can save you…

I reposted it on greasefork with the ESC hotkey: https://greasyfork.org/nl/scripts/23696-wanikani-override

It’s easy to change what key it uses though. If you want I can explain. On my Azerty keyboard the ESC key is the upperleft most key, so that’s why I chose that one.

Thank you. The tilde ~ key works for me.

I thank you all for the responsibility warnings, too, but I’m thinking that maybe I could use it a little less responsibly, too. I mean, I still have “glory” and “honor” on Apprentice or early Guru because I always forget the order, and I don’t think I will need those words so much that the time taken to review them is worth it.