Feature Request: Add hotkey to pass/mark answer incorrect

During reviews, I usually type “e” and press enter when I don’t know an answer because it works for Japanese and English input. I would like a hotkey which marks the answer wrong (and optionally shows the Item Info) similar to “/” and “,”. How about “.”? Or Shift + Enter. That would feel nice. This would save one or two key presses! Wow!

What about items which ‘f’ are part of their answers such as father, or 封筒 (fuutou)? Since the both start with F a user could very easily not have the response box selected and mark it wrong.

Having to set markers to turn the feature off for every word in WK that begins with F would destroy the purpose no?

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Agree with @maru_maru: Press “f” to pay respects instead

I like what @searls did with KS where it just inputs
\(^ω^)/ or something

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Who needs a Skip-Key when you never get an answer wrong (つ✧ω✧)つ


Good point. ‘f’ is not a good idea. How about if the item is marked wrong when you press enter with nothing input with a feature to disable this?

It just feels ad-hoc to me that I have to input garbage when I don’t know the answer. Sometimes I’d rather not guess because it feels like I might create a memory of an incorrect answer.

yeah thats why i’ll just put in あ or 1 and keep it pushing. あ for “ano…ah crap” lol

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I updated my idea to avoid this. What do you think?

Personally I feel like this feature won’t be implemented as reducing a keystroke or two isn’t that important (to me), and one could make a macro like @JapanStar49 posted about.

As far as your revision to your post goes, I think that / or . would be good keys to use as they are out of the way and not near any keys used for input.

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Features like this should always be an opt-in not an opt-out. That would be my only feedback assuming this were to ever be implemented.

The problem with that one is that one may accidentally push enter without realising it, carrying over from the last item.


See my update!

I updated the request. What do you think?

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