Set "ignore" shortcut

is ther a userscript or a setting in general that let’s me set a shortcut for the ignore button?

What script are you using exactly? Possibly the escape button is already set as a shortcut.

I’m using these scipts

image image

Depending on what version of the script you’re using, it’s either the Esc key, or the ~ key. But the newer one is Esc I think

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i tried both but unfortunately they aren’t working :confused:

To clarify, I mean this key (no shift, ctrl or anything):


The version of the script I’m using is working fine with the Esc key so idk. Better post in the script’s thread and get support there.


ok I will do that. thanks for your help

Well that’s some list. You haven’t forgotten to install any, have you?


I believe that the override script sets the hotkey to esc, and the Double Check allows both esc and backspace. However, you can easily edit the code for both of these to choose a different key.


thanks kumi. I’m not good at coding so I have no Idea how to change it really :sweat:

I could tell you exactly what do if you would like to assign a different key to either script

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that’s so nice of you. I’ll text you on discord if that’s ok

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