Hotkeys needed

After months of using WaniKani (which I love) and a few days of using Bunpro (also awesome), I’m realizing how severely Wani needs hotkeys. Like Bunpro if you could press ‘a’ to show the answer, ‘f’ to show information, etc. it would be a great addition. If there’s a script for this already please link me so I can install it.

They already have them!

It’s “F” for show info

Click the keyboard symbol in the bottom right of the review screen to see the hotkeys available ^^

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Oh. Thank you

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Um, every time I press that my browser crashes. Where do I go to tell the owners there’s a bug in the hotkeys?

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nothing to see here

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Must be one of those pebkac issues. :man_shrugging:


You :tada::poop:er

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Dang I just missed the 5 min mark before being able to edit without anyone ever knowing

I’ll just go sit in the corner

/Alt+F4s myself


Same here. I tried alt+f4 then my browser just stopped working. It also caused my screen to turn black. Halp pls

Dude just hit ALT+F4 and unlocked a bunch of shit in Wankani… little overpowered of a hot key


I pressed alt+F4 and my computer blew up :frowning:


Omg are u ok

No I’m not ok, now there’s a fire starting in my house and everything’s ruined. Why would you do this do me @DaisukeJigen

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Got curious and pressed alt+F4… why is the FBI at my door?!


I don’t know what you are all talking about, I use alt+F4 everyday to access the secret developer menu. It’s fantastic since it allows you to do reviews early or access lessons from later levels.

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