[Request] Auto-play vocab reading

Hello all!

Anyone knows if there is an scrip to automatically play the reading of Vocabs after you  answer them in the reviews? I love to hear how they are pronounced, but having to click the audio button every time is very distracting,  specially during long review sessions.

Have you looked at Menu->Settings on WK?
I’ve never used it, but I’m guessing it does what you’re asking.

Also, if it’s less trouble for you, I think there’s a hotkey to play the audio.  Can’t remember what it was, though…

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That’s exactly what OP is looking for. I love this feature. It really helps bring an extra dimension to the wk learning experience. Sometimes when I can’t remember the reading and take a guess, I say them out loud, and having heard them, it makes me think oh this doesn’t sound correct. Not sure how far that can take me, but every little bit helps. :smiley:

they dont have recordings for kanji l guess… only vocabularies. Its fine anyway :smiley: l agree with mahum

The heck?! I have been looking for that all my life! Even in the setting! How the heck could I miss that?!


Thank you for your help, that’s exactly what I was looking for rfindley.

basarem said... they dont have recordings for kanji l guess... only vocabularies. Its fine anyway :D l agree with mahum
This kind of bothers me too. I'll be doing lessons and it's all quiet because it's the kanji and then have a mini heart attack because a vocabulary word comes up. I wish there were recordings for the kanji as well.  

The hotkey is J, FYI. :wink: