Autoplay Japanese audio on meaning too?

I say the word to myself during reviews, but often find myself forgetting the pitch so it’d be really helpful to here the audio during meaning reviews too.
Is there any way to do this?

Edit: I just realized this might be bad if I forgot the reading, so how about have the ‘j’ hotkey work on meanings too?

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There is a user script, I forget which, that lets you do meaning and reading reviews back to back for each word. Would that help?

Also, after inputting the meaning (right or wrong) we have the option of looking at the lesson information for the word, including “show all information” which means the reading as well if you want to play it.


I think back to back reviews won’t help me learn the pronunciation faster because sometimes I’ll get a reading review first and then by the time I get the meaning after 10 or so other review I’ve already forgot/have some doubt…

And as for the show all information, that’s what I already do! But c’mon now, that’s ‘hidden’ behind 3 clicks AND some scrolling haha :face_exhaling:
It’s really a small annoyance… but I’d love the convenience of a hotkey if there was any way

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And while they’re at it, also autoplay the Japanese example sentences

I think J is the hotkey to play the audio, does it not work on meaning questions?

However, you can use this script to play audio for meaning questions

And if you are interested I have these script as well
Hotkey For Other Voice Actor
Random Voice Actor


Hey this is just what I was looking for, cheers!!

And no the hotkey doesn’t work on meanings without this…
As for random voice actor, already got that with your wonderful reorder omega script :slight_smile:


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