Replying to comments (bug)

Anyone else finding that sometimes when you reply to a specific post within a thread, the person to whom you’re replying is not mentioned.



Used the reply button against someone else’s post in exactly the same way each time but with different results, in threads like the Video Game Thread with a few conversation hapenning between infrequent posters at times it can be confusing.


Yes, it’s suuuuuuper frustrating!

There are two reply buttons. One at the bottom of a post (for replying directly to that particular post), the other is the blue one at the bottom of each thread (for posting in general).

Yeahhh has happened to me, too. Although it fixed itself after a while? Really weird…

Yeah, but sometimes when you press reply, and it says the person’s username to the left, like below, it just doesn’t submit as a reply for some reason



I noticed that too! Like, I see that for some reason it wasn’t a reply as I had intended it, and then when I come back a few minutes later it’s a reply??? Like what?

Well I’m glad it’s not just me

Yes exactly! And I always thought I forgot to click reply or something!

Yes, this!

Edit: Happening to everything in this thread right now
Did this

yet I get

The struggle is real…

Interestingly, looking at @Kumirei post #7, the replies drop-down show both Kiwi’s and my own but against the actual responses, Kiwi’s looks like it’s a reply and mine does not.

I’m bugged by this bug… it’s buggy!

:beetle: A BUG!!!

(ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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@syrusd YES.
At least 50% of the time for me, if not most of the time, I am experiencing this issue. So then I click on EDIT to add the person with an @ and see that apparently it is a reply to that person… Some of the time… Yet there still isn’t the little avatar with the arrow showing up on my post after closing/saving it.

This has been happening to me all across the forum, in various categories and threads, both on mobile and on PC. Quite annoying, actually.

I was just thinking of reporting this myself a few hours earlier, so I thank you for beating me to it!

Yep, we’re frustrated with the one that doesn’t properly reply to individuals. Maybe you’ll get this, but because of the bug maybe you won’t…

(Test test.)

EDIT: Well, that time it worked, but I really wasn’t expecting it to because it feels like in my case it usually doesn’t.

It doesn’t show when you’re replying to the last post in the thread.

E.g. This is a reply to AnimeCanuck but it won’t show as such (because it’s kind of obvious)

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I really don’t like that that’s how it works, then

Why though?

Btw we had confirmed that the person being replied to does still get a notification, whether the pic shows up or not.

Edit: so carlos was the last when I hit reply but then not by the time I hit send and now his pic shows up.

testing replying to myself being last in the thread.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!