Replying to comments (bug)

if bugs can be features then features can be bugs.


But why?

It is assumed you are replying to the last person.


Oh, is that how that works? Because I’m often the last post in a thread… and replying to a post 10 or so up the line.


We do? For sure?

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That’s pretty freakin’ stupid, in my opinion!

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Are you getting notified right now?

Nope. For that post… nope.
No new number.
Although, I was sitting on this page, which might be why. Let me navigate to another thread… give it a minute before trying again?

Agreed! Still confuses the hell out of me…I’m never certain if the person I replied to will see it or not…

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It should still show up in the list if you click on your picture even if there wasn’t a notification number.

I didn’t get a notification for your post, Mnem… but I got one for @Qiwi’s while I was in the SLEEP thread. Also, while posting a reply to Nits at the BOTTOM of that thread, it actually made his avatar appear with the little arrow (signifying I had replied to him)…
Therefore, clearly, @carloswaldo’s theory is false… and this is totally a bug.

Harumphf! *crosses arms*

It did not.

(EDIT: and once again, it just quoted you at the bottom… soooooooooo… yup. Totally buggy.)

If you click your pic in the top corner? Yours shows up for me…

Actually that might be an earlier one. But that one also doesn’t have my pic. Idk, I give up.

Nvm again, it just showed up.

By default, we suppress in-reply-to indicators for single replies directly underneath the post. It is implied by locality and would be extremely noisy if on by default. You can turn this suppression off in site settings if you like.

It’s a setting that can be changed, so ping the @staff

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So since so many of us seem to feel like it’s a bug, buggy, and inconsistent…
is that something for @viet to switch for us?

Since we don’t have PMs maybe this will be the closest we can get to it? (There are various personal notification settings that can/will make it less annoying for others, enough so that I don’t think anyone here will call it “noisy” like discourse has. WOW, is discourse ever judge-y!)

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