Reply via Email - Multiple Posts created

So I replied to the below thread here via Email and strangely enough it created my reply multiple times…
Three times to be exact. A bug? Can anyone else test?

I’ve deleted the 2nd and 3rd post now and hope that there won’t be more.

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Not the same bug. But when I tried to reply by email 3 times it did not work. So I just gave up on it.

I saw where someone else replied via email, and it ended up posting their email address (and other header info).

That sure is not good considering that when you reply via mail you don’t automatically check the Thread to see if it posted correctly :confused:

Hopefully an Admin will see this and either disable the functionally or fix it :slight_smile:

Yikes! That’s not great in the SEO areas of the forum especially. O.o

I still haven’t gotten the badge for “reply by email” even though I did so two or three times… So I feel like that feature is just buggy overall, by the sounds of it!

Yup same here, haven’t received the badge for it either.
@viet maybe an admin needs to take a look here just to be on the save side.

So today I took another shot at replying via email and look there, it worked as expected. I got the badge and no triple post so far or showing my email address and such :slight_smile: Maybe someone else can confirm this?

Only email replies outside of Campfire count towards the badge.


Classic Plantron


Well @AnimeCanuck still doesn’t have the email badge, so I thought I would help…

But also yes, classic @plantron


Wow. That’s been a long time coming!


But thanks for figuring it out.

No problem! Do you have any other questions? I promise to answer you in 2 years.


Later I might require your services to reply to me when I post something after setting up “notify by email” so that I can reply by email… but not right now. I’m leaving work.

; D