Remaining Jōyō Kanji

Hi everybody!
I’ve created a list of the Jōyō Kanji that aren’t featured on WaniKani. I can’t guarantee that I didn’t make mistakes, as I created the list manually. It contains a total of 167 additional characters. I hope this will be of some use to those of you who have learned all the WaniKani Kanji!

乞勾匂丙氾瓦汎臼弐串但冶壱妖抄沃弄肘刹妬宛拉旺采玩股肢苛附眉侯侶勅勃厘咽怨拶拭昧柿柵畏訃倣冥凄剥宵恣挨挫捉捗朕桁畝翁耗蚕袖衷逐逓釜曽唾堆惧戚捻梗 淫痕羞舷萎葛貪僅喉喩慌斑棺痩痘硝煎嗣嗅塞塑嫉彙愁楼慄楷毀溺窟羨腫腎腺蓋虞褐裾詣詮遡頓頒嫡瘍箇箋綻貌辣餌餅嘲畿憬摯潰窯罵膝蔽謁賜賦踪遵儒墾稽緻膳薫薪諦諧醒錮骸麺嚇曖爵臆謄濫璧繕繭顎璽艶蹴韻麓籠

Some of these characters are pretty obscure. But things like 羨・挨・拶・凄・喩・腫 are worth knowing.
Here is a useful list of the 2500 most common Kanji, ordered by frequency of appearance:
You can use this to prioritize which Kanji to learn first.


Since you like this sort of statistic, you will probably be interested in the wanikani statistics page, which has the information plus a number of other things. I don’t have the link with me right now (and have to run!) but I’m sure someone will provide it for you!

I believe that they mean this site:

[edit: sorry… I mean for the reply to go to @ManaT]

It’s been a while since I derived the list for the stats site, but I ended up with 173. Here are the ones I think you’re missing: 吏 填 斤 斥 詔 頬

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