Missing 常用漢字

Is there a list of all 常用漢字 not present in Wanikani?
Are there any plans to add them?
I can create my own mnemonics, but it would be useful to share them…
Even expanding them to kanji of common flowers, fish, etc.

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Joyo Kanji that are not on WaniKani:

曖 畏 萎 彙 壱 咽 淫 韻 畝 謁 怨 艶 旺 翁 臆 虞 苛 箇 瓦 楷 潰 諧 蓋 骸 柿 嚇 顎 葛 褐 釜 棺 玩 毀 畿 臼 嗅 僅 惧 窟 薫 詣 憬 稽 桁 繭 舷 股 錮 勾 侯 梗 乞 痕 墾 挫 采 塞 柵 刹 蚕 肢 恣 嗣 摯 賜 餌 璽 𠮟 嫉 爵 腫 儒 羞 愁 遵 抄 宵 硝 詔 拭 薪 腎 裾 醒 斥 戚 煎 腺 詮 箋 膳 繕 塑 遡 曽 踪 唾 堆 但 綻 緻 逐 嫡 衷 嘲 勅 捗 朕 逓 溺 塡 妬 痘 謄 頓 貪 弐 捻 罵 剝 氾 汎 斑 頒 肘 附 訃 賦 丙 蔽 餅 璧 倣 貌 頰 勃 昧 冥 麺 耗 冶 喩 瘍 窯 沃 拉 辣 濫 吏 慄 侶 厘 弄 楼 籠 麓

This is based on the current 2136 Joyo Kanji, but some of them may already have been added to WK since I made this list.

[EDIT] If you’re also looking for vocabulary with them, see here for some of the more obscure ones.


Scroll to the bottom: wkstats

Not on the merit of “they’re joyo so we have to add them”. They been adding a kanji or two here and there because they’re common enough and useful to learn, but there’s tons of non-joyo common kanji, and tons of uncommon joyo kanji.


Thanks! This is useful.

I can agree on the merit of joyo alone, but realistically in common novels and mangas they use some kanji not in wanikani without adding furigana, so we have to learn them anyway. :slight_smile:

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You learn enough of the joyo kanji through WaniKani anyway, so whatever is left can be easily acquired through exposure to reading material.


Well, I wouldn’t mind if there were another few hundred kanji to learn on wanikani after level 60… :slight_smile:

Anyway I’m still climbing my levels.

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