Relaunched Genki Study Group Discord! Genki Gang!

Hello, I hope this is okay to post here? please let me know if otherwise. I just thought having a space to study Genki as a group would be helpful and fun.

So, as the title says, I’m here to invite people to a Genki 1&2 Study Group Discord :clap: .

This discord has 300+ members currently and has recently been revived.

Our server mission statement summarizes the kind of server we’re aiming for. Please have a look.

  • To provide a welcoming environment for all Japanese levels regardless of ability.
  • Cultivate an environment conducive to learning.
  • Help member’s meet their Japanese learning goals.
  • Encourage members to push their boundaries in order to be comfortable with learning from mistakes.
  • Have fun and be a place where members can feel at home and be casual.

Currently some features are:

  • Pingable Study Groups
  • Weekly Writing Prompts
  • Curated Resources [WIP]

If you’d like to join here is the invite link:

Please note that to view all channels you must read and confirm your compliance with the rules. To participate in the server as a member, you will have to assign your Genki chapter/JLPT level.

Thanks, hope to see you there.


Hi! Does the discord group still exist?

The invite link is invalid

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