Any Genki Study Groups/Discord Servers?

Hi all!

I’ve recently been trying to start on my Genki I studies, but I’m definitely struggling from a lack of motivation. I was wondering if there was any Genki I study groups, preferably a Discord server, I could join? Even a study buddy would be appreciated, I’m just not sure where to look or ask. I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:


If I could be more confident in my comittment, I would offer to study with you. Not having anyone to do the group exercises with has put me off Genki in the past. But I am afriad niether I or my schedule can promise reliability.


I totally understand! My schedule is completely unreliable too so I’d definitely have to figure something out lol

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  1. the biggest discord server for jp- en that i know, join some vc maybe ask for some help or to play some games, maybe that help you be more motivated.
    English-Japanese Language Exchange
    this server belong to a ytber that discusses the lessons in genki 1-2 and quartet now, interact with some people there.
    ToKini Andy
    Group that was made for people learning with genki and ever so often they do study lessons together.
    Genki Study Group
    apex with jp, its a server with people learning jp and they want to practice it in apex or such.
    They are all very active and could probably help with your lack of motivation. give it a go.
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Thank you! I’ll definitely check them out :))