Genki study group! [Full]

[Update] We are currently full but I would like to add thank you for all the new members!

Hey everyone, this discord is for a genki study group and we recently made a second group that will be starting genki from the beginning. Hoping to start lesson 1 the week of the 18th (there will be a poll and converted time zones.) For those that want to join here is the link and make sure to go to group roles on the side and react as group 2 for updates. Hope to see you guys there :slight_smile:


oh boy my first cameo appearance


Whoops, my bad :sweat_smile:



would love to join but the link has expired :eyes:

Here is a new link which hopefully works Discord @GrumpyPanda and @Gemmabee


Joined the discord. Looking forward to start learning together! :slight_smile:


Glad to have you! :blush:

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I’ve tried both links and they’re both invalid :frowning:

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Here’s a link that won’t ever expire ^^


Did I so something wrong or did this one, in fact, expire too? :c

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Try using this one: Discord


Hi, everyone. One of the moderators of the Discord group here.

Thank you all for your interest in our group! We’ve gotten quite a lot of requests in the past few days, so unfortunately, we’ll need to hold off on adding any further members. Once we get situated and figure out groups and meeting times, we’ll most likely open this back up.

ありがとう! :white_flower:


May I have the link to join the group please?

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