Rejoice - titles are no longer only for the 1%!


Titles used to be only for nobility - only for the 1%, the lucky few. They were only for those lucky enough to have by chance received the Royal Court’s attention; for those who excelled in sheer fortune. But no longer.

Look at me - I was once a simple man. I once tilled the soil with my own hands; swam around as a Guppy in a sea of mediocrity. While I eventually managed to claw my way up the food chain to turtlehood, I was still painfully average, as far as Crabigator acolytes go. Now, however… I can finally touch up high.

With Discourse as the new forum system, users can set their own titles, provided they have certain badges. These badges are still rare as of yet, but they offer a freedom that didn’t exist before, and a possibility for the working man to finally attain that goal that once seemed so lofty…

Stand up and fight for what’s right! Stand up, and reach new heights! Stand up, with all your might! Stand up, with your new tit(…le)!

Rejoice! Titles for the people!



So you were just brought into the 1% not titles being handed out to the other 99% :wink:


It’s at least like… 1.4% now! We’ve got a chance.

“I believe in you”
Sai and Kakashi
Naruto Shippuden


Do two high touches added together equal 一日?


RIP Turtles, though


“Huh? Equal… いちにち? What does this person mea- ohhhhhh.”



This is like the French Revolution.


exactly the same.




Too bad, we can’t all be 亀 (or, 亀仙人?) or guppies. It is gone, gone forever.

What are guppies again? Small kinds of fish, maybe.


Yeah! Except less French and more Japanese. And less death and more yay. And less Napoleon and more… me? I don’t know, I think that would mean I’d have to perform a coup d’etat, and I don’t really have time.


First day = ついたち (“two touches”)
One day = いちにち


I recognized “亀” and “人” - I thought “kame… nin…”, and immediately a vivid image of a certain bearded perv popped into my head.

Guppies are a type of popular pet fish, yeah.


It’s not the same, eh.


I still remember that I used to remember ついたち as three touches (instead of two touches), though.

But, two (high) touches is unexpected.

BTW, three in Japanese is actually ズリー.


I love Japanese. :smile:


Each time I see 三人 I have to fight the urge to write threesome as meaning. Every single time. :wink: