Regarding the level 10 email

It mentions things will slow down soon, because I should be burning cards by now.
My first attempt at a burn will be in 3 months. Am I doing something wrong? I’m not particularly speedrunning or anything. The first few lessons went by fast I guess, since I had been studying the language for a while already.

Anyway, looks like the daily review pile will continue to get bigger for quite a while still. Maybe around level 20 I will start to burn things, haha.

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Yeah, it definitely feels a bit premature putting that in the level 10 e-mail.

Burn reviews happen six months after the Enlightened review, regardless of what level you’re on.


It’s because you are going close to the max speed. As far as I understand, for most people, they start burning not long after level 10. If you do the math, that’s about 2 weeks per level, which isn’t that unreasonable.

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Ah, didn’t feel like I’m going fast at all. I fail reviews so often, I even started to doubt my ability to learn.
Good to know I’m on the right track!

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I believe that the mail implies that you’ll start to burn items somewhere around the 10s levels, which is true for idk maybe more than 90% of people using WK in a regular fashion, very few people start burning items in their 20s (speedrunners) and only if you go at a really slow pace you’ll burn them before hitting 10.

Check your speed in pages such as wkstats or wk history if you haven’t yet, if you truly are going to burn items until level 20 you’re going way faster than the average, congrats


I’m like level 24, and I will start burning only in June. Don’t focus too much on these details. If you’re really curious I think checking the “I hit level 60” posts, and specifically their review map is way more interesting as it will give you a better perspective of the overall work load from 1 to 60. (there’s still some variance I saw some, hitting stable near lvl 24, and others having more and more reviews as they reach lvl 60).


nice, how fast are you going exactly to be at level 24 with no burns?

Pro tip: You don’t have to be fast, you just need to fail all your burn items :sunglasses:


I had the same reaction. I burned my first item at level 26.

I guess it may be that, according to their own stats, Wanikani’s developers see that most users go pretty slowly and take around 6 months to reach this point.

That’s a little over two weeks per level which isn’t too absurd I guess if you’re taking it slow.

If you do one week/level you get your first burn around level 26.


yeah I dont know im at level 6 with 128 burns but I did take a good break in the middle and came back which might be why.

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1 chapter per week. Max speed, pretty much.

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I thought the same thing. It didn’t feel particularly fast before, but I have significantly slowed down since then. It either got more difficult or my brain started to fill up. But still, I’ll probably be on 15 or maybe 16 when my first burns come.

Might be worth revisiting that email announcement, because it’s a little unclear and potentially misleading to someone who’s completely new to WaniKani and doesn’t know what this whole Burning thing is about.

I remember myself I was around level 20 when I started Burning items.

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