Regarding Anki and Subs2SRS

Hello everyone,
Please save this poor soul. I have been trying to learn Japanese. Through Wanikani could improve my kanji memorization but however I need to learn more everyday vocabularies and use it in sentences. I have came across subs2SRS and I think this is good for me as I watch terrace house or other programs.
However since I am using Mac book so couldn’t download subs2srs so found this link where I could get a lot of pre made decks. I downloaded it but once I tried to use it the Japanese comes earlier and then the sound and the english doesn’t show. So please can you help me? It would be really helpful for me as I could finally start learning everyday Japanese. Please help this poor soul. PLEASE

And also if you can let me know how to use morphman. I have attached all my problems, it would be really helpful.

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