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Hi I just wanted to ask some people who were further along in Japanese on thoughts. So as I jump into native material to learn Japanese, I was thinking of using Anki to further expand upon my vocab. However, I’m already using WaniKani as an SRS. Therefore I was wondering about your experiences using 2 SRS systems and whether it’s feasible. Should I do both, or wait until after WaniKani to begin Anki?

I’ve been using up to three SRS systems at the same time. It’s usually fine, as long as you do not have to create the cards yourself. I’ve found that activity to be the most time consuming.

If possible, use pre-made cards (like WK). For vocabulary from native material, especially books, you should check if there isn’t an available list on floflo.moe for instance.

(Otherwise, @Ncastaneda has posted multiple workflows to streamline the card creation process for Anki, if you have to make something yourself; hopefully the tag will summon them and they’ll be able to post the relevant link themselves :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’ve done a couple of SRS apps while doing WK and then continued once I was done with WK too.
Anki has been my main app, but as @Naphthalene mentioned the process of making your own cards can be tedious. That been said I wouldn’t recommend going with pre-made decks, but checking some cool ways that have become available during the last years to make it extremely easy to make cards in an automated fashion using your own content.
The interest and time you will be willing to put into material is relatable to you is SO MUCH more than any pre-made deck. Realizing that you can use your shows, movies, youtube videos, etc… as learning material is highly rewarding. Same for books actually.

Anyway, some related post about it:

  • On how to use Subs2SRS/Morphman to make cards out of a show and have them deliver to you for reviewing the ones that are just 1 word above your knowledge (i+1) .

  • On Voracious, the software that lets you watch your videos, having a dictionary right there, and connecting those lines with Anki for exporting cards with image/audio.

  • And a bit on using your Kindle for reading and then droping those new words to Anki with their respective context!

And then in case you want to learn the first 2000, 6000 or 10000 words first out of a list and then do anything else… well you can simply use the Vocab Frequency addon on Anki and just order the words that come out of your routine and review them by frequency. Having them been frequent and relatable to you is a killer combo for memory boost!! :ok_hand: .

These are the main ways I’ve used for taking those SRS benefits while trying to have immersion as a main thing in my routine. The balance should be a little more towards immersion in every step, or at least that’s how I see it.
Eventually the SRS will die out… :man_shrugging:


I have the premium subscription to JapanesePod101 as well, and I use their SRS flashcard system. The nice thing there is that they have pre-loaded decks you can use–like the JLPT vocab, for example–plus you can customize the deck with vocab from their podcast or video lessons. It’s been helpful so far. If there are words on their list that I already really know I can mark them as mastered and take them from the list. It really hasn’t hurt having multiple systems, because mostly the vocab is different anyways. The only thing is that it can be hard to manage the workload if you get too many different SRS going alongside each other. I have to pace myself a bit, since I use WK for kanji, Bunpro for grammar, and JapanesePod101 for listening and additional grammar/vocab.


I experienced some friction trying to expand beyond WK recently. I eventually settled on torii srs to expand vocab.

I like that I don’t have to build my own deck (I just went with the default 10k, though there are options to integrate with WK if you want), but I also like that I can add vocab I find in books, anime etc if I want to without having to worry about card formatting etc.

Running with 2 SRS is fine.

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