Reduce Level of Specific Kanji?

Is there a way to reset or drop the level on a specific non-burned kanji? I found where to do it on burned items, but not anything lower. I’ve found that for 日, my brain refuses to remember ‘にち’ or ’じつ’ anymore despite getting it to enlightened, and instead delivers up ひ or か (as in 十日) every time. I’ve dropped 日 into an Anki deck for now so it’ll come up frequently there, but it would be really handy to just kick it back into my review queue at a lower level (Apprentice or Guru), instead of where it is (enlightened). Can this maybe be done via a userscript I’m simply failing at finding?

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Maybe not super helpful to your specific question but here’s my thoughts.

Well the ひ and か readings are kun’yomi, whereas the じつ and にち readings are on’yomi. ひ is the reading for the vocab item (as in, 日 as a word). か is the reading for the day counter which you’ve seen like in 十日. Most vocab items WK throws at you will be one of the on’yomi (though not all - some use kun’yomi but you’ll learn to recognize them and their patterns as they come). If nothing else, you’ll hopefully figure it out after failing every compound reading enough times :wink: Which specific on’yomi will they use? Good question - you just gotta feel that one out in my experience. Still guess those wrong sometimes.

What you can do is fail the next 日 review on purpose to drop the level down, though it’s not an immediate solution. I don’t know about a script that can do it, but I haven’t looked either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Unfortunately there’s no way to do that right now. I believe it’s on their roadmap, but not necessarily high priority.

My original proposal for this was here: [feature suggestion] Demote button on radical/kanji/vocab pages

Feel free to jump in there and tag the devs (or email them) to ask if it’s coming any time soon.

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Yea unfortunately there is no way to drop the level of any specific item down to a specific SRS level. Best you can do is move specific sets from Burned all the way down to Apprentice.

I just recently used the [Userscript] Burn Manager (Review / Resurrect / Retire) script to downgrade 1000+ “Burns” back to “Apprentice” level because of how slow I go. Instead of resetting my level progress entirely, I just wanted to put them back into the queue. So now it’ll be a ton of work to go through 1500 Apprentice items, but it’ll eventually even out since any that I have truly “burned” will quickly rise through the SRS levels while those I didn’t truly burn will come back into scope.

However, what I really would like is just a way to manually set them to never be “Burned” and just have things stay at “Enlightened” or on the last (6 month I think?) 4 month (thanks @seanblue) SRS cycle so that they just perpetually reappear ever so often. I know I could offload things to other places like Anki or KaniWani to do that I guess… but for now I haven’t.


4 months :slight_smile:

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That’s what I usually do.

I would also prefer items to never truly burn. Maybe get a message that I burn them and have them change to a special color (like the gold userscripts do), but still show up every 6 months.


日 in particular is a kanji you will see in so many words, that you probably don’t need to worry about it. Just off the top of my head, later you’ll see 日曜日 which has two distinct readings of 日 in it.

In general though I agree that there should be a way to demote items.

I don’t see the problem here. If you have an item in enlightened, then you give the wrong answer, it will automatically drop to guru. And if you answer wrong again and again, it will eventually go back to apprentice 1. So that already happens automatically without any use of userscripts or API manipulations.

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I’ll occasionally have kanji that get stuck in limbo. I remember them just well enough to get them out of Guru, but when enough time has passed that I see them at enlightened stage, I get them wrong again and they go back to Guru. So they just keep bouncing between those stages until I become conscious that it’s happening and get them wrong a few times on purpose so I can review them enough to finally sink in.

It’s less a problem for me this go around because I’m going a lot slower, but when I was going full speed it was hard to keep track of.

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