Which level should I reset to?

I am wanting to reset my progress somewhere between level 10 and 30. Any suggestions?

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Just go through the Kanji list by level and pick the first one with kanji you don’t recognize. We don’t exactly know how much you remember, so I don’t think it’d be useful for you to let the community pick a level.


Forty-two, naturally.


as low as possible i guess. why not level 1 ?


Level 6, of course.


The best and safer solution would be to install a script that allows you to reviews items level by level (from lower to higher). The moment you notice you’re making more mistakes than you’re comfortable with, you stop and reset to that level you’re reviewing :slight_smile:

Script to do this: Wanikani Self-Study Quiz.

Make sure to check the installation instructions.


That’s some good advice! Maybe it may help someone else bc I just took the plunge. I blew through the lessons in 5min and the subsequent reviews in record time so these levels won’t take long.


Why not just unburn items level by level instead? There is a script to batch unburn.


That seems like the perfect solution to me. If you unburn everything, anything you still know will just reburn, and anything you’ve forgotten will come up a few more times at least.


There are several advantages to the batch unburn approach:

  1. Items that are not yet burned are still at play. I must admit my current crop of about 600 leeches is making this take longer than I’d like.

  2. Some items re-emerge as problem items where later Kanji are easily confused. I think it is helping re-enforce some trouble areas for me. One flaw with WK is that the vocab can tend to help re-enforce kanji so much that it becomes easier to burn trouble kanji than it otherwise would be. I think un-burning kanji and vocab separately is a good idea.

  3. It tends to mix up the items in a combination of early and late levels. I think it is easy when starting over to have a preconceived idea of what kanji/vocab will come up. I’ve noticed that it is harder in the wild to recognize some items that I know within the confines of WK. I think it is due to a probability of knowing what an items should be within our “walled garden”.


Edit: was on lvl60. Rest to lvl15 on 8/11/2018. Since I reset I have probably averaged about 95% on my reviews and 90% on my lessons. I typically complete half of the lessons in one sitting taking maybe 10min. It takes me 15ish min to finish a batch of 115 reviews. Basically, WK works lol

I am glad I reset, now its just pure fun burning through them all


Yes, I highly recommend following the advice above. I just reset from level 9 to level 7 after taking a month off, and I really regret it. My reviews went from 600+ to 300+. I did them easily in one day, now I’m stuck waiting days and days for new reviews of items I know very well, and I am also waiting for unlock of radicals I know!
I should have read the forums first about alternatives to resetting.

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