Redirection Issue with Kanji in page URL

I started to get redirection loop issue whenever a page with Kanji in its url. For example when I tried to open

(%E7%8C%AB is 猫)

I get this error page

Sometimes I can enter the page, sometimes I cant. I used two types of browser Chrome and Firefox, and different internet service providers too.

I have yet to exactly know how this happen, all I know is that this sometimes happen when a kanji is included in the URL

Any idea?

This is a known bug with Discourse that they’re supposedly working to fix.


Ah I searched the forum with “Redirect” as the search term, sorry for asking redundant topic

Any unicode character should trigger this (including emojis). However, the problem only seems to occur for me if I try to open the link in a new tab or window. If I open a thread directly in my notifications or one of the categories pages it loads as normal.

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Yup, it only happens if you try to open threads in new tabs / windows, or if you try to refresh existing ones. If you just follow URLs by left-clicking it works fine.

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I sometimes have it happen when you open a thread in the same tab. It usually loads fine though.

I just noticed they fixed the redirection issue with Kanji in the URL. The fix is quite simple (as far as I noticed up to now)… They simply remove the kanji from the URL itself.

Though I wonder what effect this will present if two URL somehow have the same title with only a different kanji

花 appreciation thread
字 appreciation thread

wouldnt both be /t/appreciation-thread ?

Anyway, Im glad it is fixed now

edit: actually its not only Kanji, but special characters

Every thread has its own identifying number alongside its title, so that shouldn’t be a problem. :slight_smile:


Not really a fix… More like we had to disable unicode slugging for the time being until a fix is in place. We’ll reimplement unicode in slugs once a fix is in place.

Topics have a unique ID, so slug conflicts aren’t an issue.


For those who are interested on the progress of the fix, see below:

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How can i miss something like that… Looks like im too focused on the title

At least it can be used now. Good luck on your fix and thanks.

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