Can't access forum threads with kana/kanji in the title?

I just get an error page when I try to access forum posts with kana/kanji characters in the title. This is for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. There was a Windows 10 update for me today, so I think that broke something. Posts without Japanese characters work just fine, though.

I sent a report to hello@wanikani, but I’m curious to know if anyone else has this problem?

This is a known issue. See: Kanji/Kana in topic permalinks breaks navigation directly to a topic. It’s being worked on by the software authors. There’s nothing that can be done to fix it for the time being. If you access these pages through the website itself, you can load them without a problem. It’s only when you try to go to them directly where the problem happens.

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I would read that topic, but I literally can’t open that link in any browser. :joy:
What do you mean by “access pages through the website itself”?

Like, at least for me, if I’m already on the community forums, like the home page, I can click a link with unicode (the Japanese characters/emoji) and it will load fine. But if I, for example, try to open in a new tab, or copy paste the link it will fail. It’s due to the way the website loads pages behind the scenes.

Ah, I see what I’ve been doing wrong now. I open topics in new tabs out of habit, but I have to actually stay in the same tab to load a topic now. :confused:

I did find one workaround though. Basically I enter the profile of whoever made/last posted on a topic, and then access the topic from their profile page. A bit of a detour to say it the least!

That’s doing the same thing behind the scenes. Yea it’s annoying, but the WaniKani guys can’t do anything about it since they allow Unicode in titles. Which makes sense seeing how this is a tool for leaning Japanese. A language that kinda needs Unicode to write… All we can do is patiently wait for the forum developers to fix it. Grab a book, it’ll be a while…

Haha, yeah.
I guess they’d have to change the topic URL to be independent from the thread title itself (but that’d break old links), or make it so that opening a forum link automatically loads the community page in first, before adding the wanted forum thread on top.

Time to take out that Japanese book I’ve been trying to read like 15 times! Again!

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