Kanji Meaning Issue

When I attempt to enter the hiragana it decides to vibrate and refuse to allow me to move past. Even when I have the correct ones or the wrong ones I can’t enter them at all.

I do not have any userscripts installed, but do have adblock via ublock origin.

Can you give more information? Maybe post a screenshot.

Maybe I have misunderstood something, but given that your title is “Kanji meaning issue” and that you wrote “…enter the hiragana…”, are you perhaps writing the pronunciation instead of the meaning?


This is one possibility. The meaning should be an English word and if you enter kana it will shake and not allow it.

If you meant “reading” and the kana isn’t being accepted, make sure you don’t have multiple windows of WaniKani open, as that can cause input issues.


Apparently this was my issue, I should probably not try to do lessons so early in the morning. Thanks very much.