Kanji/Kana in topic permalinks breaks navigation directly to a topic

Earlier today, someone posted a topic with some hiragana and kanji in the topic title:

Try copying the URL of that topic and pasting it into a new tab. The page doesn’t load for me on Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on macOS. I suspect that this is because there is kanji and hiragana in the permalink. I put some kanji and hiragana in the title of this topic to test this theory.

I’m guessing Ember doesn’t handle routes with non-ascii characters correctly. Links to the topic work, however, because Ember handles transitions within an app that’s already loaded differently.

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Nice find. Surely I’m not the first person to put Japanese characters into a title topic! :smiley:

It looks like navigating directly to this topic doesn’t work either. I thought it was a Discourse issue, but I experimented on the Discourse sandbox and it stripped the non-ASCII characters out of the permalink, so it works.

Ha! I’m going to let the Discourse maintainers know about the bug shortly. They’ve been very responsive in the past, and this one’s kind of a doozy for people using non-ASCII permalinks (like us).

As noted above this seems to be specific to WK’s Discourse instance

Edit: Wait, does the WK Discourse instance have non-ASCII char stripping in permalinks turned off?

Yep, can confirm. Just emailed Wanikani about this issue as well.

Yep, we turned it off. It made the URLs for the … well … forums a little less meaningful when we stripped them out.

Hmmm, the problems is related to permalink/slug encoding, but not the entire cause. They’ve clearly supported permalinks with non-ASCII characters in the past, but a recent change looks like it’s generating multiple redirects between the encoded and un-encoded versions of the URL.

Hold tight, everybody. :slight_smile:


Yep, I experienced a related issue when trying to post a link to a definition on Weblio earlier tonight. Clicking Paste kept mangling it into all the letters and % crap, which brought up a 404 on weblio. Eventually I manually typed it in and made sure the link was not alone on the line, so it converted into a link rather than a link-box, and that made it work. (A workaround for now while Discourse hopefully fixes this back.)

See this post here:

I'm looking for a word that I've heard in One Piece - #31 by AnimeCanuck

Thanks for looking into it for us, @oldbonsai!

Okay I believe a solution for this is still being worked on. You can track progress for this over on the Discourse Meta forum: Automatic encoding of parsed URL params - #17 by elijah - dev - Discourse Meta



I think because there’s an emoji star in the URL.

My browser was trying to load the page directly from my last time online. (Firefox, Windows 7)

Yep. It’s any unencoded UTF-8/UTF-16 character that shows up in the URL, which includes emoji.

That’s what I thought. Last activity in the thread Blake posted was 14 hours ago, and said it’s mainly because Discourse is on Rails 4, but there’s a fix in Rails 5, apparently.

For now, I changed some topic titles where the Kana/Kanji weren’t necessary.
It helps I think.

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