Book Reading for Beginner


Hello, currently I will complete Level 4 in a no time, is there any learning material such as reading book that can be easily grasped to read for Beginner level ?


Welcome! Have a gander at this conveniently put together post for this very purpose!


thank you for sharing ! I will go to the resource


What’s your japanese level outside of WaniKani? Specifically regarding grammar and vocab.


I’ve ever tried JLPT N5 test, I can easily asnwer it . When I try on N4, I have hard time sometime


Ah, I’d say that’s about my reading level as well. Maybe take a look at the current absolute beginner’s book club? Graded readers are also super motivational because it’s nice to be able to read blocks of text that you can understand without having to look things up too much.


Here’s the link the list of book clubs: Master List of Book Clubs

You’re at a level that you could try the current or next books (absolute beginner or beginner level). You’ll almost certainly be ready by the next books if you stick with WaniKani consistently, but it’s probably doable now for the absolute beginner one.