NHK Easy Furigana Toggle

Are you frustrated with having to ignore Furigana?  Too lazy to disable it manually?  Too lazy to turn it back on?  This script is for you.

Obviously, we have solutions in place to take care of the furigana issue on NHK easy, but furigana can be helpful – it shouldn’t have to be turned off completely if it still benefits the reader.  My script integrates a solution into a fixed sidebar on all NHK easy webpages to allow you to turn furigana on and off at your leisure. 

Of course, that wasn’t enough for a selling point.  My script also offers a helpful function to toggle furigana only for places and names(this only works on news articles!).  This is incredibly helpful when you want to read without furigana, but you can’t read all those city names and such.

As always, if you experience any difficulties or bugs while using it, please let me know.

You can download it here:

TL;DR: Hi Wanikani, I made a thing.  Put it on Koichi’s fridge.


Amazing! I wish I was able to do these sorts of things! All these little addons are really stacking up and makig life easier!
Thanks for your wonderful contribution! :smiley:

GreenWarrior said... Amazing! I wish I was able to do these sorts of things! All these little addons are really stacking up and makig life easier!
Thanks for your wonderful contribution! :D

Thanks! Handy for those times when I want to throw a sentence into google translate to make sure I’m getting the general context correct, without having to manually delete the furigana.

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Aha!!! This is the one I want! It’s been starting to frustrate me lately that there’s so much of it even on things I know. Gets in the way of copy+click searching in Jisho, too. Haha! Will install this on my PC next time I boot up. I knew there was a script for this! Thanks, Kaichi!

I’ve just installed it and I’m super pleased! ^^
However, I don’t know if I’ve just picked an article with no place names or surnames… or if the second button “toggle places and names” isn’t working… or if I’ve got the wrong combo of the buttons clicked. (I think I’ve tried all iterations, however.) Kaichi, if you see this (or anyone else who uses this and knows how) please tell me which way to press to keep the name furigana but lose everything else!

Thanks! ^

EDIT: Now that I’ve actually read the article I was on… I realize 「プレミアムフライデイー」 was the only name… so it’s probably not an issue. ^_^;

This stopped working recently when the website changed, but I figured out how to fix it.

I went into the TamperMonkey dashboard and looked at the code. Near the top, where it says “include,” I changed “http” to “https” (because the website had changed). Then I clicked the “save” icon.

Now it works again!

This would be totally obvious to someone who’s done this sort of thing before but I’m proud of myself for having figured it out.

Edited to add: Oops, it does toggle the furigana, but it also breaks a good feature on the site: the ability to get definitions for the underlined words. I have to disable this script and reload the page to see the definitions. Now I remember that this is why I had this script disabled, and not just running ineffectively in the background!


Thanks for that! I just re-installed this on a new machine, and noticed it wasn’t working.

Time to go into the code. Thanks! EDIT: Worked like a charm!

I’m pretty new to Tampermonkey and the likes, but I think if you make it read http* it will work whether it’s a secure connection or not.