Recommendations for japanese music

GOBLIN LAND - KANSAI SEKAI if you are into rap

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I like exploring new Japanese songs that are currently trending, but it’s too troublesome for me to do all the search. So my go to is Spotify playlists that are updated every week / every other days with new songs.

My favourite Spotify playlists:

Specific genres:

I would add any song that I like to my “Liked Songs”, and from there I’ll let my Discover Weekly do its algorithm and find me other good songs every week.


Nice, added to the list, thanks!

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I haven’t listened to much Japanese music, but my favorite so far is Yoru ni kakeru by Yaosobi.

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Ringing in the new year listening to 打ち上げ花火 along with fireworks outside my window.



I’m just here because I can’t have a post about modern Japanese music not have a reference to WORLD ORDER because they just make everything better ^-^

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Yes! I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them before, but they have several solid songs and are overall a fun band to check out.

Unrelated to BABYMETAL, I’ve been adding a lot of songs from shows I’ve been watching when I thought they were remotely catchy.


Hey, thank you very much for the wonderful recommendations! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I finally had time to listen through them and I really loved close to all of them. Do you happen to know what genre this is? This chill vibe mixed with some sounds from the 80s is really good!

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I’ve posted stuff about City Pop and find them a pretty easy way to get used to hearing the language.

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You’re very welcome, glad you’re enjoying it! :smile:

Not sure if I have encountered an exact genre/term for this kind of music, but many of the artists I mentioned seem to be directly or somewhat related to the Tokyo jazz scene (performing at Blue Note Tokyo, for instance), so it probably makes sense to place it (very loosely) on a spectrum of jazz-pop, electronica, and neo city pop. The latter especially goes for a band like Mime (little less so with their newer stuff), and their vocalist ひかり has also done some covers of classic city pop songs with Tokimeki Records.

Others, like モノンクル, (almost) literally started out as a jazz band:

If you want an alternative way of exploring this scene, I can recommend visiting the website of CRCK/LCKS drummer Shun Ishiwaka (石若駿), who has done a ton of collaborations with a wide range of artists (scroll down to “Discography”) aside from his gig with CRCK/LCKS.

I’m sorry that I’m not really providing a good answer to your question on the genre, but I hope this at least provides some avenues for further exploration :blush: