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I don’t know if it’s been asked yet so I apologize if it has, but what level in WaniKani do you think one would be able to start reading elementary books/manga? I have been studying some grammar with genki already I just prefer this site for vocab. I’m trying to find places to read and write more to build on the foundation I have.


You can start reading at level 0. A lot of material has furigana, the readings beside kanji, so for those materials you don’t actually need to know any kanji.

What really matters is how much grammar you know (or are willing to learn along the way), and how many vocabulary words you know (or are willing to look up along the way).

We have book clubs!


Oh ok, I’ll have to look into the book clubs later. I really appreciate your reply/ I only noticed the community section recently :sweat_smile: I thought I was alone on the journey


Welcome to the community section of WaniKani! =D

A few places in the community which you may find of interest include:

  • Introductions Board in case you want to do an introduction thread. (I never did one, myself.)
  • Japanese Only Board (beginner), where questions are posted in Japanese, and you are encouraged to post an answer written in Japanese. They also provide templates to help with writing an answer, and will help correct mistakes you may make.
  • The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!, in case you’re interested in all the Japanese learning resources you don’t know about yet.
  • Master List of Study Logs gives a peek into the study plans and results of various community members.
  • Do a forum search for “level 60” to read posts from users who’ve reached WaniKani level 60, and shared the journey it took them to get there. (I don’t know if we have a master thread for level 60 posts.)

We do!


It’s a paid for service but Satori Reader is pretty nice for beginners!
or has some kids stories that you can practice with for free to gauge your reading level. :slight_smile: I also like wasabi

I think it is best to try for yourself and see. When I pick a book to read, I usually read the first page and if I have to look up more than 3 words, I wont choose it. Everyone has a different way of approaching things. I wish you the best of luck!


In case you are wondering how to go about reading in general, this post will probably answer a lot of your questions:


WKstats ( has a page that shows your wk level against different sources of text:


Excuse me, could you make a screenshot of the entire table of reading levels? From the 1st lvl to 60th? It doesn’t work correctly with my account

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thank you!!